ACCELERATED FREEFALL (AFF) // get certified in this 7 jump program!

Loved your tandem and want to keep jumping, or just love the idea of jumping on your own? Get certified with Skydive Palatka!

A 6-7 hour ground school covers the basics of your equipment, freefall, and canopy piloting so that you have the knowledge needed to safely make your jump.  After the ground portion, weather permitting, you will be accompanied out of the airplane by two instructors on your first jump.  Beginning with altitude awareness and ending with pulling your own parachute, your instructors will assist you in freefall and monitor your performance..  After the parachute is open, you will be able to pilot it down to a safe landing. 

Each jump in the AFF progression adds on new freefall tasks and parachuting knowledge.  After successful completion of as few as seven jumps in the AFF progression, you will be cleared to jump on your own and be well on your way to a USPA A license!

AFF is an intense, fast paced program that is very rewarding! Please visit the FAQs page for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We hold a First Jump Course the first and third weekend of every month.  To learn how to skydive, please use our online reservation system to reserve your slot in an upcoming course.

JUMP BREAKDOWN // what's on tap

  • Jump 1: Two instructors: Relax, Altitude Awareness, Deploy Parachute

  • Jump 2: Two instructors: Introduction to Turning and Forward Movement

  • Jump 3: Two instructors: Experience your first time flying solo!

  • Jump 4: One instructor: Maintaining a heading

  • Jump 5: One instructor: Begin unassisted freefall turns and learn more ways to fly your parachute!

  • Jump 6: One instructor: Finish unassisted freefall turns

  • Jump 7: One instructor: Dive out exit, Backloops, Frontloops, Barrel Rolls

  • Jump 8: Congratulations! Your first truly solo skydive!



$300 / Jump

JUMP 2 - 3

$185 / Jump

JUMP 4 - 7

$165 / Jump


$27 / Jump