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$14 Hop & Pops EVERY FRIDAY!

OCTOBER (Open Fri-Sun)

-10th -12th: Falling Gators Tandem Special (bring your UF ID)

-30th-Nov. 2nd: Hog Flop Boogie


NOVEMBER (Open Fri-Sun)

-9th: basic skills canopy course

-14th: packing class

-15th: water training



Falling Gators Tandem Special


October 10-12, 2014: Falling Gators Tandem Special!  

Skydive Palatka and the Falling Gators skydiving club are happy to announce that UF students can make a tandem jump for only $150 (20% off the normal rate) the weekend of Oct. 10-12.  Please make a reservation using our online system (click the blue Book Now button), and make sure to bring your student ID card to obtain your discount. 



Sword Fights in the Sky









Thanks to Akio for providing the swords and Jairo and Shane for providing the footage that these photos were taken from.


Sisters in Skydiving Event

September 13th

Join us for a day of some all-female skydiving!  Our goals?  Send up plane loads full of women, have lots of fun, and build at least an 8-way star for the WSCR

Have a question about skydiving gear that you want answered?   Stay for a pot-luck dinner that will be followed by an equipment seminar. Bring your rig, clean your cables (you haven't done that in a while, have you?), and have some drinks with your fellow SiSters.


USPA Coach Rating Course

August 29th-31st

All participants must be current USPA members with at least a B license and 100 jumps.  The course will begin on Friday at 5:30 pm and will finish on Sunday.  Come join us: learn more about the SIM, IRM, and several other acronyms as well!

Course cost is $200+evaluation jumps.  Use our online appointment system to reserve your slot (click on "select event").


Student Training Program

Wondering where the training for AFF comes from?  At Skydive Palatka we follow the United States Parachute Association’s (USPA) training program, named the ISP that can be found in the SIM.  Lots of acronyms, to be sure, but they are all explained below.

The USPA’s Student Information Manual (SIM) can be accessed for free online or in app form (Apple and Android).  Or you can order this year’s print version from USPA or other skydiving stores.   Once you have found the SIM, then you only need to turn to Section 4 to see the Integrated Student Program (ISP).  The ISP is laid out into 7 Categories: A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, and E. 

You can easily read up on your next level or review important information that has been covered in previous levels.  Each category contains a sample dive flow, advancement criteria, and explanations of any new skills or knowledge material.  After looking through Section 4, you may want to move on to the next 2 sections as you look to become an experienced skydiver.  Happy Reading!