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$14 Hop & Pops EVERY FRIDAY!

JULY (Open Friday-Sunday)

  •  13th: basic skills canopy course

 AUGUST (Open Friday-Sunday)



Student Training Program

Wondering where the training for AFF comes from?  At Skydive Palatka we follow the United States Parachute Association’s (USPA) training program, named the ISP that can be found in the SIM.  Lots of acronyms, to be sure, but they are all explained below.

The USPA’s Student Information Manual (SIM) can be accessed for free online or in app form (Apple and Android).  Or you can order this year’s print version from USPA or other skydiving stores.   Once you have found the SIM, then you only need to turn to Section 4 to see the Integrated Student Program (ISP).  The ISP is laid out into 7 Categories: A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, and E. 

You can easily read up on your next level or review important information that has been covered in previous levels.  Each category contains a sample dive flow, advancement criteria, and explanations of any new skills or knowledge material.  After looking through Section 4, you may want to move on to the next 2 sections as you look to become an experienced skydiver.  Happy Reading!


Summer Courses

We have a packing class and a basic canopy skills course coming up in these summer months.  

The packing class is a must for anyone just off AFF that needs to learn how to pack a parachute and a great refresher for anyone who has gotten out of practice.  If you have not viewed the open parachute orientation video, then please let us know before you begin the packing class as it is very helpful.

When: June 13, beginning around 6:00 pm (and lasting about 3 hours) at Skydive Palatka

Cost: $40

The basic skills canopy course is suitable for anyone with at least 25 jumps and will satisfy all the requirements for the B license canopy progression card.  We will begin with a 1 hour session that covers topics ranging from canopy design characteristics to appropriate downsizing progression.  Following that (weather permitting) we will make 4 hop n' pops from 7000' to work on different canopy maneuvers and improve our landing patterns and accuracy.  Please be prepared to spend the day in this course.

When: July 20, beginning at 9 am at Skydive Palatka

Cost: $50 + the price of your jumps





Easter Saturday 

It's that time of year again....the Easter Egg-stravaganza for Peep's Sake!  And now a brief pause for the collective groan.

At Skydive Palatka we will be celebrating this time of the year with an Egg Hunt for everyone.  There will be Easter Eggs strewn around the main landing area containing goodies of all types for every load that goes up.  Grab an egg and you may walk away with some yummy candy, a pull up cord, a packing ticket, or more!

In the late afternoon we will also be setting up our Easter relay races.  Prepare your team of 3 for the Easter skydiving adventure of a lifetime.  It begins by feeding a teammate a Peep in freefall, landing in a designated zone, tying yourselves together for some 4-legged walking, and finishing up with a hard-boiled egg and beer.  All timed of course!  And all necessary items will be provided.

We hope to see you for the Easter Saturday fun.



2014 Collegiate Boogie

Thanks to everyone who joined us in the merriment this past weekend.  Friday kicked off the fun and the evening saw Austin Rametta covered in whipped cream as he was pied for his 100th jump.  Although we had a bit of a weather hold on Saturday, we still managed to get up 22 loads after singing Happy Birthday to Scott Roberts (of Fluid Wings).  A great raffle Saturday night left many people loaded with goodies and the sponsors that the UF Falling Gators Club procured did not disappoint. There was the usual mayhem at the party Saturday night as the beer was flowing, making for a leisurely start on Sunday and another 20 loads.  It is our sincere wish that all boogie goers may be well-rested and recuperated by this coming weekend.  We can't wait to see you next year!

Thanks to everyone who contirbuted photos!  More photos can be found on the Facebook event page.


Your favorite boogie memory?