COME JUMP WITH US  //  we are flippin' awesome!

We are located about an hour from Jacksonville, Gainesville, and DeLand. We have a full-time Cessna Caravan that takes a load of  jumpers to altitude in about 20 minutes, and there is a 182 for anyone in a hurry. There are generous landing areas, and we allow both right and left hand landing patterns. 

You can find a wide range of disciplines at our DZ: we love belly flyers, freeflyers, wingsuiters, and long as you are acting in a safe manner. We host a wide range of workshops and classes to advance your skydiving knowledge. Or, just ask... our instructors are always available to offer advice.

DZ SPECIFIC RULES // to fly with us, here's what you've got to know...

  • A jumper may not wear a GoPro camera until they have more than 100 jumps

  • Left and right-hand patterns are allowed

  • Only USPA coaches and instructors may accompany a tandem jump

WHERE TO STAY // when you're not jumping

  • We allow camping on the DZ and have RV hook-ups as well. A hot water shower will ensure your freshness.

  • Local hotels offer a discount to skydivers


HOP N' POP (5500')

$17 / Jump

ALL THE WAY UP (13500')

$27 / Jump


$20 / Jump 

$45 / Day


$6 / Pack


$60 / Pack