2017 Safety Day

Thanks to everyone that attended Skydive Palatka's Safety Day!  If you missed it, you can flip through the presentation that was put together of the 2016 USPA fatality statistics.  Then, peruse the YouTube videos showing the effects of turbulence on parachute flight.  Finally test your skydiving knowledge with our 10 trivia questions.

We also watched the following two YouTube videos recorded at other DZs and discussed where you would find turbulence and how to manage flying in turbulent conditions (full flight is best).

Our evening ended with the following 10 trivia questions.

  1. What is the recommended break-off altitude for groups of 5 or fewer?  1500' above the highest planned deployment
  2. At what altitude does night vision begin to be affected?  5000'
  3. USPA has mandated that a canopy piloting course is needed before this license.  B License
  4. This is the fastest way to change heading after deploying your parachute.  Rear riser turn
  5. When are seat belts required to be worn?  taxi, takeoff, and landing
  6. How far away horizontally from a cloud must you be when jumping from 13, 500'?  one mile
  7. What does PLF stand for?  Parachute Landing Fall
  8. Who invented the 3-ring release system?  Bill Booth
  9. What does the "check of threes" involve?  checking the 3-ring release system, checking your 3 harness buckles, and checking your 3 handles
  10. When was the first skydive made at the Palatka airport?  1972

Safety Day 2017 is March 18th at Skydive Palatka

Safety Day 2017 Invitation

Safety Day 2017 Invitation

Dear Fellow Skydive Palatka Jumpers,

In times such as these, I like to remind everyone that I am S&TA (Safety and Training Advisor, for those that have forgotten).  As I have such initials, I would like to take this opportunity to strongly advise you to attend Safety Day 2017.  Why?  Because "A" stands for advisor, and for the lack of prizes and the abundance of safety topics.

What will be included:

  • an overview of the 2016 fatality report or "Don't do that" report
  • trivia questions to assess your saftey related knowledge
  • malfunction overview

AIn addition, all USPA coaches and instructors are required to stay through the evening for the Instructional Rating Renewal Seminar (IRRS).

With such gratitude for reading this,

Clifford Steele, S&TA