Where to Jump if You Live in Jacksonville

Coming from the Jacksonville, Florida area? 

Here are your choices for skydiving centers.

Name Aircraft Price of Tandem Certification
Skydive Amelia Island (A) Cessna 182 $249 not offered
Skydive Deland (B) PAC, Twin Otter, Skyvan $189 AFF total $1460
Skydive Jacksonville (C) Cessna 182 $199 not offered
Skydive Palatka (D) Cessna Caravan and 182s $185 AFF total $1300

Looking to make your first jump and you want it to be a tandem skydive?

Skydive Amelia Island offers lovely views, but operates a plane that can only accommodate 4 people (2 instructors with 2 students at a time), and you jump from an altitude of 10,000 feet.

Skydive Deland is the largest skydiving center on this list.  They can easily accommodate large groups in a variety of aircraft, but they are the furthest away from the Jacksonville area. You jump from 14,000 feet at this dropzone.

Skydive Jacksonville....read the reviews first before deciding on this place, and please call first as the rumors are that it recently closed.

Skydive Palatka is a medium-sized skydiving center that is only open Friday through Sunday. We can accommodate large groups with our Cessna Caravan (12 jumpers total) and jump from 13,500 feet.

Skydivejax.com appears to be a scam site since it does not list a physical location.

Options for Certification

There are only two choices for you: Skydive Deland or Skydive Palatka.

Skydive Deland is a large dropzone while Skydive Palatka is a medium sized dropzone.  We both offer AFF courses and gear rental for when you are ready to jump on your own.  If you have the chance, then you should visit both places before choosing to see which "DZ personality" fits you best.