BEGINNER PARACHUTE FLIGHT // basic flight skills

Course Material Covered: 

  • Overview of the history of parachutes
  • Basic terminology needed to discuss flight
  • Parachute design characteristics
  • Skydiving Rig Maintenance


  • 20+ Jumps, completed your hop n' pops
  • A license is NOT necessary
  • Ability to Jump the same parachute for the day

Four hop n' pops:

  • Work on landing patterns and accuracy
  • Learn more about flaring your wing
  • Front and rear riser work

INTERMEDIATE PARACHUTE FLIGHT // fly more and then come get wet with us

Course Material Covered: 

  • Stalling your parachute
  • Making it back from a long spot
  • Flying relative to another person
  • Where and how to land in the water
  • Practical training to be completed at a pool


  • Received your A license
  • Ability to jump the same parachute for the day
  • Ability to swim

Three hop n' pops and one high pull:

  • Continue working on landing patterns and accuracy
  • Learn about stalling your wing and how to recover
  • Best ways to make it back from a long spot
  • Coupled with the beginner flight course you will have everything you need for your USPA B License



Courses for Experienced Skydivers

ADVANCED/PRO PARACHUTE FLIGHT // prepare to impress the crowds

Cliff with the POW flag.JPG


  • minimum: USPA C License qualified

Four hop n'pops or more if working on PRO Rating

Course Material Covered:

  • Open Field, Level 1, Level 2, and Stadium Jump definitions
  • Site Preparation 
  • Equipment Considerations: flags, streamers, and smoke
  • Crowd Control and Ground Crew

USPA COACH RATING COURSE // The first step towards becoming an instructor



  • USPA B License Holder
  • Total 100+ Jumps
  • Assisted in a First Jump Course



  • 2 ground briefings on first jump course topics
  • 4 ground briefings on group freefall skills
  • 2 in-air skills evaluation jumps

Three Day Course: 

  • Rules and liability
  • Overview of the USPA's Integrated Student Program
  • Layout of the SIM, A license card, and a flight planner
  • How students learn, particularly gross motor skills
  • Lesson planning
  • First jump course topics
  • Group freefall skill topics
  • How to conduct a coached jump 
  • How to give quality breifing and debriefings

FIRST FLIGHT SCHOOL // Wingsuit skill



  • Total 200+ Jumps
  • 2 tracking dives with one of our wingsuit instructors 

Course Material Covered

  • Gear Requirements
  • Exit Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Flight Patterns

First Jumps:

  • Introductory wingsuits may be rented
  • Instructor ensures that you follow a safe flight pattern and have a stable deployment at 5500'
  • Instructor will sign you off for solo flight when everyone feels confident and comfortable.