ACCELERATED FREEFALL COURSE FAQS // you have questions, we have answers

How much does the first AFF jump cost?

The first jump course costs $120 and the first jump is $180, for a total cost of $300. You will have to pay for USPA membership separately; choose from a temporary 90 day membership ($30) or an annual membership ($78).

Are there any restrictions on who can make an AFF Jump?

Unfortunately, yes there are. You must be inbetween the age of 18 - 60 to begin AFF. In addition, skydiving requires a certain amount of flexibility and that you be in overall good medical health for safety reasons. Therefore, we cannot promise that everyone who takes the first jump course will be able to jump.

How do I find out more about the first jump course?

After you have reserved your slot in an upcoming course, our online reservation system should automatically send you a confirmation e-mail. The Wednesday before your scheduled course is when we typically send out a more detailed e-mail that includes the course notes.

How long is the first jump course?

The first jump course is a minimum of 6 hours in length. We need to cover everything that you will need to know to safely make your first jump, and it includes topics such as: skydiving equipment, freefall body position, how to steer your parachute, and emergency procedures for a variety of situations. Please be well rested and prepared to spend the entire day at Skydive Palatka.

How many jumps before I get my license?

The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) portion of your training is a minimum of 7 jumps. After that you will be able to jump by yourself. Following AFF you will begin to work on group freefall skills (flying relative to someone else) and perfecting your canopy skills. The USPA A license takes a minimum of 25 jumps to obtain.