22nd Annual Halloween Boogie

Oct 27th-29th

Skydive Palatka's annual Halloween boogie is starting to come alive!

Start practicing those back flips, put together a wild costume, and get ready for a fun filled Halloween weekend. From competitions to costumes, you won't want to miss out on this spook show with your favorite Palatka Skydivers!

Browse around to find out more info about schedules, vendors, and organizers. But, most importantly...go register!


Event Schedule // what's going on


  • The Party Begins!
  • Accuracy Competition for Round Canopy Jumpers and Skydivers


  • Hog Flop Competition
  • Main Raffle
  • Costume Contest


  • Pumpkin Drop
  • $20 jumps at 13, 500' for those that pre-registered

Aircrafts // what's flying

The Kodiak

The Kodiak will be flying all weekend long, bring your friends and let's fly! To keep thigns moving along, there will be no removing yourself from loads will less than a 15 minute call. 

Placid Lassie

Here's your chance to jump a DC-3.  This beauty will take to the sky Friday through Sunday.